My mistake in believing Keegan William Kangas
(Michigan Inmate #937832)
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Judge James Lambros: "The conduct that you displayed is very disturbing on several levels. Not only was it troubling that you were targeting these [13-year old] girls for sexual activity. These are children themselves Mr. Kangas [who was over 20 years old at the time]...And you took advantage of that situation and exploited them for sexual purposes. And when the police came to you, you tried to get out of it by giving them false identities...
It's very troubling Mr. Kangas that the behaviour you displayed and the targeting of these young children. Not onIy target them but to have sexual intercourse with them...The behavior you displayed is vile. These were children."

From transcript of the Sentencing of Keegan W. Kangas by Judge James P. Lambros., Sault. St. Marie, JuIy 29, 2014 (pp.7,8,9)
"I am very sorry to learn Keegan betrayed you and took advantage of your trust."
Email from an MI attorney to myself: May 16, 2017.               (Click for full letter)
It is no exaggeration to say that I was the most active and vociferous supporter of Keegan Kangas since he was imprisoned. As other supporters, I sent him money and books and provided other forms of support, but I also spent money and much time in a campaign that asserted his innocence. The fact that I came to realize I had made an error in doing this, should serve as a warning to anyone who may make the mistake of also contacting this individual.

Updated: 13 October 2017

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