My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)

   "The conduct that you displayed is very disturbing. Not only was it troubling that you were targeting these [13-year old] girls for sexual activity. These are children themselves Mr. Kangas [who was over 20 years old at the time]...And you took advantage of that situation and exploited them for sexual purposes. And when the police came to you, you tried to get out of it by giving them false identities...
It's very troubling Mr. Kangas - the behavior you displayed and the targeting of these young children. And not only target them but to have sexual intercourse with them and then encourage them to get pregnant.
   The behavior you displayed is vile. These were children..."
From transcript of sentencing of Keegan W. Kangas by Judge James P. Lambros, Sault. St. Marie. July 29, 2014 (pp.7,8,9)

   (a) I began writing as a 'penpal' to Keegan William Kangas (born October 13, 1992, currently incarcerated in Muskegon Correctional Facility) in Summer 2016. Immediately, he told me that he had been wrongly convicted in June 2014 of two CSC3 charges, i.e., sexually abusing children.
    As he convinced me that he was innocent and a victim of a terrible injustice, and also detailed the hardships he suffered (also claiming to have poor health), I was keen to help him. I began sending him money and buying books for him on a regular basis (I later discovered that other people had sent him money/books but stopped doing so when they no longer believed his claims.) Additionally, I vigorously campaigned for his freedom (the original purpose of this website), and spent many hundreds of hours on this and other matters (e.g., emailing and telephoning MI attorneys to find one who would take on his case pro-bono), and a lot of my own money, e.g., I spent $140 just in purchasing his trial transcripts, and paid for a paralegal course to help him as he said he would seek exoneration once released.

   (b) In May 2017, I came into contact with someone who had once believed his claim of innocence, but stopped doing this after seeing the content of his old Facebook account* (to which he had given her access, apparently thinking she would not care about the evidence, or not see it as much was archived): this person allowed me access and to my dismay, I saw messages that confirmed his sexual abuse of two vulnerable children* (there were also references to him pursuing other under-aged girls and further criminality.*) There is a message in which he harangues one of the children because she had told someone about the sex and he warns her, almost prophetically, her action "will put me in prison".*
    Additionally, and confirming what was stated in the trial, one message records him telling the same child that if he made her pregnant, he "would be the happiest daddy ever."* She was only 13 years old. I found the behaviour described to be grotesque: no less grotesque is how one of the children mentions that after she reported the abuse to the police, Kangas 'sent people after' her,* presumably to intimidate her into silence. In view of the seriousness of the crimes, I am surprised at the lenient sentence he received, bearing in mind that the judge warned him that if he elected for trial (which he did) and was found guilty (which he was), he faced a sentence of up to 45 years.
    * The genuineness of the messages will be shown by the accompanying IP addresses.

   (c) The messaging not only referred to the sexual abuse, but the appalling treatment of these children. As I was a victim of sexual abuse as a child, I found the details in his Facebook account to be sickening: unlike his co-defendant, who 'took a plea', Kangas insisted on a trial so both children had to intimately describe the crimes to a courtroom of strangers, resulting in one of the children being reduced to tears.
    The fact he repeatedly told me that four prosecution witnesses had all lied when they said he was found at his workplace, late at night, with a 13-year old girl, but I found numerous Facebook messages, by him and others, confirming the witnesses were telling the truth, further illustrates his lying. Furthermore, he lacked the integrity to apologize for his deception to me (and others), and still claims to be innocent (by offering absurd 'red herrings' and leapfrogging pseudo-arguments), but cannot provide a believable solution for the presence of evidence.

   (d) The Facebook messages record one of the victims referring to his frequent lying, and his own ex-fiancée told me about this too, as did his family and other people who had written to him in prison: even the trial Judge (see box above) mentioned his dishonesty. Furthermore, his Facebook account includes him making numerous, various claims for himself, which are untrue and sometimes border on the fantastic.
    In the matter of his case, he denies anything incriminating, and offers what I consider to be diversions and smokescreens, despite the evidence: in addition to him falsifying data (e.g., claiming the girls were older than they actually were and he was younger than he was), he asserts evidence was 'suppressed' or the jury was 'threatened' to produce a guilty verdict. Apart from the lack of evidence for these wild allegations (and other claims that he frequently makes), one has to ask why he has never raised any of them in appeals, even when he was given the opportunity by the court to do so. I investigated them and found they lacked credibility.

   (e) As other people, who had been convinced of his supposed innocence and supported him, but realized they could not believe his claims, I too recognized that I could not believe what he had told me, and it would be pointless to continue writing. I did however write to him in June 2017, advising him of what I had found, but he declined to answer the points I raised. And despite all the support I had given him for nearly a year, all I received from him were furious threats...
    In view of what I saw, I had to accept the jury's verdict of 'guilty' was correct. Since then I have encountered further evidence of his criminality and dishonesty, apart from the appalling treatment of girls/young women and him constantly blaming others for his predicament. There have also been instances of him slandering people with false and serious accusations when they did not do as he wanted and/or his lies are discovered: this is what he did in respect of his ex-girlfriend, myself and other penpals (e.g., when his girlfriend, who kindly supported him financially before and during his trial, did not do as he wished, he accused her of transmitting an STD to him, something that he later admitted to me was an absolute lie.)

   (f) I hope this statement will prevent anyone else from being deceived as I, and other people, have been. I have now removed the content of this website in which I detailed all that I found post-May 2017: however, this may be restored if circumstances demand it, e.g., he again uses the internet to find 'penpals', an activity that seems to invariably involve deception.
    Due to the odious nature of the crimes, the distress caused to people, his lies and the constant denial of the crimes, his refusal to accept responsibility for them, and the absence of any sign of rehabilitation (in fact, his emailings suggest the reverse), I hope the Parole Board will recognize the risks likely to arise from him being paroled at an early date. I certainly believe that the people of Michigan deserve a very lengthy period of rest from him being in their midst again.
    Thank you for reading this.

London, England. 5 March 2018

* If anyone requires further information, please email me at the address below.