My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)

   "The conduct that you displayed is very disturbing. Not only was it troubling that you were targeting these [13-year old] girls for sexual activity. These are children themselves Mr. Kangas [who was 20 years old at the time]...And you took advantage of that situation and exploited them for sexual purposes. And when the police came to you, you tried to get out of it by giving them false identities...
   It's very troubling Mr. Kangas - the behavior you displayed and the targeting of these young children. And not only target them but to have sexual intercourse with them and then encourage them to get pregnant.
   The behavior you displayed is vile. These were children..."
From transcript of sentencing of Keegan W. Kangas by Judge James P. Lambros, Sault. St. Marie. July 29, 2014 (pp.7,8,9)

    (a) In the Summer of 2016, I began writing as a 'penpal' to Keegan William Kangas (born October 13, 1992), currently incarcerated in the Muskegon Correctional Facility in Michigan (MI): immediately, he told me that he had been wrongly convicted in June 2014 of two CSC3 charges, i.e., sexually abusing children.
    As he convinced me that he was innocent and a victim of a terrible injustice, and also detailed the hardships he suffered (also claiming to have poor health), I wanted to help him. I began sending him money and buying books for him on a regular basis (I later discovered that other people had sent him money/books but stopped doing so when they no longer believed his claims.) Additionally, I vigorously campaigned for his freedom (the original purpose of this website), and spent many hundreds of hours on this and other matters (e.g., emailing and telephoning MI attorneys to find one who would take on his case pro-bono), and a lot of my own money, e.g., I spent $140 to purchase his trial transcripts, and paid for a paralegal course to help him as he said that he would seek exoneration once released.
    I obviously view child abuse as totally abhorrent, and particularly so, as I was sexually abused as a child when my mother was ill and I was placed in a children's home but because of this, I also believe that no one should be accused of such a heinous offence if they are innocent, and Kangas succeeded in convincing me (as he had done with others) of his innocence.

    (b) Until the Spring of 2017, I was certain that he was an innocent, sincere and hard-working man entrapped, through no fault of his own, in a nightmare world of a terrible injustice, and I believed all that he told me about the case (e.g., he barely even knew either of the two children who had accused him). This illusion was terminated abruptly on May 12, 2017 when I came into contact with someone who had also once believed his claim of innocence, but stopped doing so after seeing the content of his old Facebook account* (to which he had given her access, apparently thinking she would not care about the evidence, or not see it as much was archived). This person allowed me access and to my dismay, I found messaging that showed he knew both children very well, and it also confirmed the sexual abuse of both of them* (there were also references to him pursuing other under-aged girls and further serious criminality.*). The account included a message in which he harangued one of the children because she had told someone about the sex and he warned her, almost prophetically, her action would "put me in prison".*
    Additionally, and confirming what was stated in the trial, one message recorded him telling the same child that if he made her pregnant, he "would be the happiest daddy ever."* She was only 13 years old. With a display of appalling narcissism, there was a message from him in which he remarked "if we had a kid together, it would b[e] the most gorgeous thing on earth". I found the behaviour described to be grotesque, and no less grotesque was the comment made by one of the children that, after she reported the abuse to the police, Kangas had 'sent people after' her,* presumably to intimidate her into silence. Later on, in an email, he said that he believed it was 'natural and normal' for a 13-year old girl to have sex with a male 'a few years older', and this was none of the State's business, and he challenged its right to incarcerate him (it is unclear why he referred to a partner 'a few years older' as this hardly applied to him as he was 20 at the time: in fact when one of the children was abused, he was 21 that same year.)
    * The genuineness of the messages will be shown by the accompanying IP addresses.

    (c) The messaging not only referred to the sexual abuse, but the appalling treatment of the two children. Unlike his co-defendant, who 'took a plea', Kangas gambled and insisted on a trial so both children had to intimately describe the crimes to a courtroom of strangers, resulting in one child being reduced to tears.
    He repeatedly told me that four prosecution witnesses had all lied when they said he was found by Police at his workplace in Sault Ste. Marie, late at night on February 9, 2013, with a 13-year old girl. However, on reading his Facebook account, I found messages, by him and others, confirming that the witnesses were telling the truth. I even found messaging between him and his attorney in which he confirmed this visit by the Police. I was, therefore, suddenly confronted with the stark reality that he had repeatedly lied to me - about almost everything regarding his case - and I had wasted so much of my time, energy and resources on this matter. He still claims to be innocent (by offering 'red herrings' and leapfrogging pseudo-arguments), but he cannot provide a believable solution for the presence of evidence: instead, he constantly blames others for his predicament.

    (d) I originally felt sorry for him as he said it was his poverty that caused his conviction, i.e., he was unable to hire his own attorney: however, in May 2017, I saw an email in which he mentioned that he had spent thousands of dollars on drugs, and paid $1600 on jewellery, during the time leading to his arrest and trial: and in his Facebook messaging he referred to buying clothing and a bill of "over 2 grand" (the money spent on the clothing and jewellery would have been sufficient to retain his own attorney). Furthermore, with regard to the defence attorney provided, in one Facebook message (March 18, 2014), he actually told her "I know your one of the best trial lawyers around", so money, or a lack of it, played no part in him being convicted.
    I also realized that despite all his many complaints about his life before and during incarceration, he was raised in a beautiful part of the US and had positive opportunities that many people do not have (in contrast, I was born with a lifelong, life-threatening health condition, raised in one of the most deprived areas of London, and due to poverty, had to leave school at age 16): despite what was available to him, he chose to pursue a route that took him to prison, and as far as I am concerned, he alone is the architect of what has happened to him.
    Since May 2017, I found messages in his Facebook account relating to dishonest claims, apart from appalling treatment of girls/young women. Messages included those in which people wrote to him condemning his relationships with under-aged girls: one said that she would inform the police and this would result in him being imprisoned (01/31/2013), and another wrote and accused him of being a pedophile (01/27/2013): the reply to this was a nonchalant and dismissive "LOL" (this and "LMAO" appear in replies when someone criticized him about his behaviour with girls.)

    (e) The Facebook messages recorded one of the victims referring to his frequent lying, and his own ex-fiancée told me about this too, as did his family and other people who had written to him in prison: even the trial Judge (see box above) mentioned his lying (and this is all apart from his conviction for theft from another inmate). Furthermore, his Facebook account included him making various claims that sometimes border on the fantastic (He once told me that he had cancer as a child: however, his family say this is untrue.)
    His Facebook account included him telling various people that, for example, he had attended high school and graduated: however, he did not do this. He also said that he had been adopted but his family confirm this too is untrue. In respect of his financial status, he claimed that (i)he earned $2000 a week and (ii)intended buying a $30,000 property; (iii)he was a part-owner of an auto business, and (iv)would be purchasing it in its entirety; (v)he had owned his own large two-storied house, and (vi)he had also saved "over 10 grand". Furthermore, in 2013, he said (vii)a prestigious music college had accepted his application to enrol (claiming he achieved this by just submitting some videos of himself), and (viii)it had awarded him a $20,000 scholarship.
    And yet, in complete contrast to these assertions, he was classed as indigent when attending court in the first half of 2014. With regard to the college that he said had accepted him, its website says it only accepts applicants (1)with an "excellent academic and professional background" - but he had neither; (2)who supply an academic transcript or GED - but again, he had neither, and he did not obtain a GED until 2015 when he was in prison; (3)after they have a successful personal interview and/or audition - but I found no record of him ever visiting the college or making the journey there (it is located four States away from MI): there can be no doubt that he would have mentioned these events in his Facebook messaging if they had ever occurred. In view of the Facebook content and what I was told by his family and past acquaintances, I came to the conclusion that much of what he had said to me (and others?) was sheer fantasy.

    (f) In the matter of his case, he told me all the prosecution witnesses had lied, but his Facebook account showed otherwise. After studying all the court transcripts and reading all his emails on the matter, as well as speaking with him many times, I consider what he offers are diversions and smokescreens to try and obscure the evidence. In addition to him falsifying data (e.g., claiming the girls were older than they actually were and he was younger than he was - this is despite the actual ages being clearly detailed in internet court documents), he asserted evidence was 'suppressed' and the jury was 'threatened' to produce a guilty verdict. Apart from him not substantiating these allegations (and other claims he frequently makes), there is the question of why he never raised any of them in the post-trial hearing or appeal, even when he was given the direct opportunity (on more than one occasion) by the court to do so. I investigated them and found they lacked credibility. Moreover, after I spent a lot of my own time and money in contacting many hundreds of MI attorneys, I found three who were willing to assist him, but, to my bewilderment, on each occasion he did not follow their advice or even contact them...

    (g) As other people, who were convinced of his supposed innocence and supported him, but came to realize they could not believe his claims, I too recognized that I could not believe what he had told me about his case (or indeed much else), and I had to accept the jury's verdict of 'guilty' was correct. Consequently, in view of this and the examples in (e) above, I realized there was no sense in continuing to write to someone who behaves like this. I did however write to him in June 2017, advising him of what I had found, but despite the support I had given him for nearly a year, and how he had consistently misled me, all I received from him were furious threats...
    Following his incarceration (when, ironically, he has depicted himself as the target or victim of sexual pursuit), he has slandered various people with serious accusations when they did not do as he wanted and/or his lies are discovered: he did this in respect of his ex-girlfriend, myself and other penpals, e.g., when his girlfriend, who supported him before and during his trial, did not do as he wished, he accused her (more than once) of transmitting an STD to him, which he later admitted to me was a lie. It is troubling that he slanders people when they do not do as he wishes (and/or they discover his lies), and he does this even though they have helped him and they are (therefore) the aggrieved party.

    (h) I hope this article will serve as a 'warning buoy'. More information could be added but I trust that enough has been provided to prevent anyone else from being deceived as I, and other people have been (I can produce copies of all the Facebook messages/emails to which I have referred.) For succinctness, I have removed the considerable amount of specific data on this website that detailed my post-May 2017 findings: however, this may be restored if circumstances demand it, e.g., he again uses the internet to find 'penpals', an activity that invariably seems to involve deception.
    Due to the odious nature of the crimes, the costs, the distress caused to people, the lies and the constant denial of the crimes, and the absence of any sign of rehabilitation (his emailings suggest the reverse), I hope the MI Parole Board will recognize the degree of risk if he is paroled at an early date. At the time of writing this, he is a Tier III, non-compliant sex offender and I believe that the people of MI deserve a very lengthy period of rest from this individual being in their midst again.

Keegan Kangas is now listed on:
(a)US National Sex Offender Website (Global access)
(b)MI Sex Offenders Website (US access only)

    Thank you for reading this.

London, England. 5 March 2018

* If anyone requires further information, please email me at the address below.