My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)
- Part 1 -


    It is with sadness that I write this,[1] but I want it to serve as a 'virtual warning buoy'. Anyone who visited this site up to 12 May 2017 will have seen it asserted that Keegan William Kangas (born 13 October 1992), from Curtis, and currently inmate #937832 and incarcerated at the (Level 1) Central Michigan Correctional Facility in St Louis, Michigan, was innocent of the CSC3 (Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 3rd degree) charges for which he was convicted in June 2014.
    However, in view of being allowed access to his old Facebook account on 12/13 May 2017, I discovered that he had lied to and misled me, and along with other people who had once believed in his innocence, I no longer consider that he is innocent of the serious crimes for which he has been convicted. I have therefore revised this website to show this - in the hope that no one else will be misled as I have been.

[1]In this 13-part article, the names of email recipients and innocent parties, and expletives used by Kangas, have been blanked out or asterisks inserted.

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