My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)
- Part 2 -

       My support for Kangas

    I wrote to Kangas on a near-daily basis since September 2016, and because I believed what he told me about his background and his case, I supported and helped him financially. I believed his numerous hard-luck stories and how he had been wrongly convicted of the CSC3 charges. As any child-sex offence is deemed to be both heinous and odious by any normal person (please see (iv) in (13)), it is therefore essential that no one should be convicted of such crimes if they are innocent.
     One of the first things Kangas told me was that he did not even know the two 13-year old girls who had accused him, on anything more than nodding terms and he had not had sex with them. Moreover, he insisted that he had never had chlamydia, with which they accused him of infecting them. He resolutely stated his medical report submitted to the court, confirmed he had not had chlamydia and claimed this evidence had been 'suppressed' for reasons not explained to him; he argued that if it had referred to him having had chlamydia, the prosecution would have used it (Please see 'Looking at Kangas's 'suppressed evidence'' for further details about the issue). He convinced me of his innocence and there were no 'warnings signs' that he was not telling me the truth. He even likened the accusations of the two girls who had testified against him, to the allegations of the girls who accused adults of witchcraft in Salem, colonial Massachusetts, during 1692-1693:
"their word was good enough to ruin my life. imagine that, a teenagers word. tell me thats not the equivilent a f**kin salem witch trial. and ive been suffering hell the last few years because of it. and for what?"
(e.g., email 20 December 2016)
     For much of the period in which I was in contact with him, I sent him nearly $50[1] a month (that from February cost a further $20 as the money transfer system adopted by MDOC (Michigan Dept. of Corrections) did not permit non-US citizens to make a payment so I needed to find an US intermediary); I bought him numerous books (sometimes as many as four in a month: one of the last books I bought him cost nearly $40), new spectacles, I made payment towards a full $85 securepak, the cost of his telephone calls to me, and almost $100 for an inmate penpal listing, along with photos, etc., and even a paralegal course (he said he wanted to do this as it would 'help him' on his release because he wished to pursue a career in law and also 'fight for exoneration'). I bought him the domain name and webspace on which these pages are located, and created a website, proclaiming his innocence (I paid $140 to acquire all his court transcripts), and spent literally many hundreds of hours writing to the media, and emailing over 800 Michigan attorneys and every Innocence Project in the United States: on numerous occasions, I made trans-Atlantic telephone calls to speak to these parties, asserting Kangas was innocent and deserved their help. It was difficult not to feel desperately sorry for Kangas, with him being convicted of sex offences of which he was not guilty (so I believed), and standing just 5' 5" in height and weighing only 115 lbs,[2] when he was first imprisoned.
     I also managed three 'GoFundMe' accounts for his defence fund, and a Facebook account for him so he could keep in contact with people (this was regularly updated and used to encourage visitors to write to Kangas), and even a Twitter account to publicise his cause. I made considerable sacrifices of my own to do all of the above - because I believed what he told me...
     He denied to a subsequent penpal that he ever requested money. The problem here, for Kangas, is that I know of three other people who wrote to him, two in the US, and one from England, and all three either sent him money, wanted to send it (but didn't as he was already receiving the maximum he was allowed), bought him books, and/or bought him or contributed towards a securepak. Therefore. if he maintains that he has never asked for money or items to be bought for him, how does he then explain all these three people, and myself, did just that? This can hardly all be coincidence...

[1] $50 per month was the maximum he was allowed, and any further money sent to him was allocated for his unpaid fines.
[2] The picture of Kangas on this MDOC page was taken in September 2017.

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