My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)
- Part 3 -

       'Truth Will Out'

    On 12 May 2017, events moved quickly and disturbingly. Kangas had asked me to contact C., a past acquaintance, regarding his GED:[3] he told me that he had asked her to keep this for him some years earlier. He also said that she had wholeheartedly supported him but suddenly stopped all communication and he did not know the reason for this.
    I therefore contacted C. about the GED, but she responded and said that she wanted nothing to do with Kangas, and explained that while she was sending out messages on his behalf on a previous Facebook account (he had given her the login details and so her access, use and management of the account was therefore with his full permission), she found many messages between Kangas and the two 13-year old girls, and these included ones that referred to him having sex with them during the period in which the girls had said, in his trial, he had abused them (There were other messages in which he expressed his attitude towards girls and women that C. found disturbing.) In a message sent after his arrest, one of the girls pitifully apologizes to Kangas for the 'trouble' she had caused him - this 'trouble' being his arrest, arising from her, rightly, informing the police about Kangas abusing her. If this was not disturbing enough, she also referred to how he had 'sent people after' her, presumably to intimidate her. Naturally, C. immediately stopped supporting and communicating with him.
     Yes, these were the very same two 13-year old girls that Kangas had categorically denied to me that he knew, beyond just recognition. I greeted this news with shock and disbelief, and I continued to challenge what C. was saying. I closely questioned her about what she was claiming - for several hours - and she sent me numerous screenshots of some of these messages, and I was then allowed to access and view the Facebook account first-hand: to my horror, I read some of the messages that confirmed all that she had said.
     While Kangas had stated the following to me,
"My biggest issue is that the trial court suppressed my medical history from entering trial. My medical history was my only defense really because it proved that i have never had the STD known as chlamydia"
(Email received from Keegan Kangas, 22 September 2016)
I located a Facebook message from Kangas (to his attorney) when he refers to a test result for chlamydia being positive! In this message he says "if they dont suppress here is a defense for my urine chlamydia test occuring positive...". He goes on to say that he will claim it was 'a false positive' and he was 'passing kidney stones' when the test was undertaken and he had been diagnosed with a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and treated with Bactrim: whether there is any truth in this comment is unknown (Facebook message from Kangas to his attorney: 06/04/2014. 9:12pm). The wording and structure of his sentence certainly indicates that he wanted/expected his medical report to be 'suppressed', because he offers a strategy to deal with a positive test result for chlamydia, if it was not 'suppressed'.
     There was also a message when his attorney tells him that his medical records ('evidence') were not going to be permitted and there is no protest from him. Please see 'Looking at Kangas's 'suppressed' evidence (etc.)' for further information on this issue.
    As I read the Facebook messages that he had written/received, the more disturbing I found them. I suddenly realized that both his crimes and conviction arose from his arrogance and a disregard for girls and the law. In addition to the messaging with his attorney in which there is reference to chlamydia, I found an exchange between Kangas and a girl (not one of the 13-year old girls) in which he says to her:
"so u gave me chlamydia! your a f***in bitch"
(Facebook messaging with B. 28 January 2013)
     This was written during the two-month period when the prosecution said he had sex with the two 13-year old girls (and apparently other girls/women, according to his Facebook messaging). The statement certainly casts serious doubt on his claim that he had never had chalmydia (although even if he had never had this infection, it would not weaken the girls' testimony that he abused them): noteworthy is the fact that the message was sent only three days after the date that one of the 13-year old girls, who had accused him, said he had molested her.
     I still recall the first occasion when I read the transcript for the plea hearing and how impressed I was about Kangas's refusal to take a plea. At this time, I had much admiration for Kangas as I saw him as a courageous and impoverished young man standing up for himself against the weight of an inept and uncaring judicial system, so blatantly prejudiced against the poorer section of society, of which he was a member (so he told me). Indeed, the image that he presented of himself was of someone that anyone would be proud to have as a family member: honest, hard-working, courageous. Little did I realize that he had lied to me (as he had done to others), and his refusal to accept a plea was his continuing risk-taking and manipulation of people. Additionally, according to his own Facebook messages, etc., he had more than enough money to hire, or at least retain his own lawyer.
     I began to write regularly to Kangas in September 2016 after he had asked me if I would be willing to be a penpal, to which I agreed (I obviously did not realise he would soon subject me to a steady stream of lies). Soon after the correspondence, by email, began, he wrote about being innocent and I became saddened about what he told me he had to endure in prison, i.e., the loss of freedom and inability to function normally, the rules, the degradation and the dangers he faced in view of his age and small stature. To me, as he was innocent (as I then thought) of the appalling crimes for which he had been convicted, he was undergoing a terrible experience of a personal hell and because of this, he deserved all the help I could offer. I now realize that what he has experienced is of his own making, and this has also caused much pain and heartache to innocent people, e.g., his victims and the people who have attempted to help him, believing his repeated claims about being innocent.
     Through contacting C., I discovered other instances of his deceptions. And yet in a message I received from him on 26 April 2017, he said: "I hold love, honor and integrity above all else." The problem is that according to the Collins Dictionary, 'integrity' means "honesty, principle, honour, virtue". Another example of how Kangas makes these grandiose statements but fails to behave as they require is his problem with telling the truth: apart from lying about the CSC3 offences, please see Part 12. Kangas's emailings.
     On 22 June 2017, I sent Kangas two letters. One was a copy of this website as it was at that time. The other letter was a lengthy and detailed statement in which I explained why I could no longer support him and I considered he had betrayed me by telling so many lies and encouraging me to spend so many hours on work that was a complete waste of time (as he would have known only too well): and that was apart from all the money I had sent him, or spent on him, that was obviously done on the basis that what he was telling me was the truth and he was innocent of the crimes for which he was convicted. I also challenged him about how he behaves towards women and advised him that after seeing the content of his old Facebook account, I considered that he was guilty of the charges that convicted him in June 2014; and I certainly believed he represented a risk to both girls and young women.
     Even at this stage, I hoped that the 'integrity' he claimed to 'hold above all else' would direct him to respond with an apology or a feasible explanation, but no, he didn't even do that: all I received was his ludicrous, threatening letter demanding that I shut this website down! To me, this was yet further testimony of the arrogance that led him to be convicted in June 2014.

[3] 'GED' is a certificate confirming General Education Development: it is issued in the US and Canada.

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