My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)
- Part 4 -

       The Chamelon

    On 12/13 May 2017, when I discovered the truth about Kangas, I suddenly realized the person I thought I knew, never existed. He literally suddenly vanished before me. Looking back, I now view Kangas as almost chameleon-like as he will become whatever he believes the other person wants him to be. This is evident when he was messaging the two children (that he was convicted of sexually abusing), through his old Facebook account, i.e., he comes across as someone of the 13-15 age group, but to a woman who wants to hear that she's 'sexy', he will become the man who tells her exactly this (and I saw copies of his emails in which he did this): to someone such as myself, who wanted to write to someone who was intelligent, had a sharp mind, was principled and well read, he became exactly that.
     I often wondered why people who knew him before his conviction did not donate money to his defence fund that was set up to find and fund a lawyer to deal with an appeal:[4] in all the time that appeals were made, and Kangas wrote indignant messages on his later Facebook account about the lack of support, a total of only $10 was donated by just two people in MI who knew him. I now wonder if this very noticeable lack of support indicated a disbelief in his claim to be innocent.
     On 12 May 2017, I spoke to him four times and on each occasion, I told him about some of the old Facebook messages I had seen (and more of therse would follow in the next 24 hours): he sounded very concerned but could not offer any believable explanation.[5] In the circumstances, I assumed that he would write to me, i.e., a proper letter, offering a full explanation, but my expectation was not to be realized: he didn't even have the courage to do this. Kangas is not only a liar, but a coward too. Moreover, as I only gave him money and bought him books (etc.) on the basis of what he had told me was true, when it clearly was not, I therefore consider him to be a thief as well.

[4] In respect of the 'GoFundMe'-type appeals for funds in order to campaign and to pay for an appeal, these became inactive during May 2017 and were closed in early June 2017. 280 was donated by two friends of mine and I donated 10: another UK resident who was writing to Kangas also donated 10.00 (= a total of 300.00). Two US residents from MI donated $5 each and I wrote to each one, asking if they wanted their respective $5 donations refunded. One replied in the affirmative and this was refunded on 10 June and the other wanted it donated to an animal sanctuary which was done on the same date (and a receipt sent to the donator). I authorized Paypal to refund the 10 paid by the other UK resident. In the case of my friends, they recognized the considerable amount of money I was duped into paying by Kangas, e.g., the cost of all the many court transcripts, airmail postage costs, webspace, domain name, and trans-Atlantic telephone telephone calls and faxing, as well as a 30-minute consultation with an MBA attorney: also the charges levied by the GoFundMe sites and those from using Paypal and Stripe on those sites, and because of this they did not request a refund of the 280 they had contributed. I am certainly still very much 'out-of-pocket' because of Kangas's self-centred, arrogant dishonesty and heartless deception. I consider it significant that the people who donated the most were those who did not know Kangas, whereas those who do know him gave the least (or nothing at all).
[5] On 15 May 2017, I received an emotional email from Kangas, saying he would 'prove' the Facebook messages did not corroborate his guilt (he appears to adopts an emotionally-charged stance when confronted with the task of overcoming a problem he has created.) To no surprise, Kangas did not do as he promised and the supposed 'proof' has never materialized.

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