My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)
- Part 5 -

       Kangas's lack of support, and attorney responses

    During the time I communicated with Kangas, he constantly complained about how people who had written to him in the past had suddenly stopped doing so. I now suspect that, over the course of time, people recognize him as superficial and his emails are self-centred (and they may detect he is possibly dishonest too). I was bewildered about why he had no support from family or any friends (apart from one sibling who writes to him infrequently). When I asked his 'friends' who appeared on Facebook to write to him, the vast majority did not, claiming they did not have the money for a stamp(!), and of the very few who did write, nearly all stopped after just a few emails. There can be no doubt that Kangas is adept at encouraging those people who see his 'penpal' profile to write to him once they begin to do this: nonetheless, it appears that it is only a matter of time before people stop.
     After emailing over 800 MI attorneys, I restarted this cycle in February 2017, and this time I referred the recipients to the website, built by myself over many months, that argued for Kangas's innocence. After discovering the truth about Kangas on 12 May 2017, I wrote to two attorneys who had kindly replied, explaining that I had been misled by Kangas and I include copies of their responses.
     As I discovered Kangas had lied about the charges, I was also left wondering how much, if anything, he told me, was actually true (please see this example, or the description about how he consistently lied to me regarding the 911 calls: this incident also included Kangas lying to the Police about who he was.) According to the transcript for his sentencing on 29 July 2014, he even lied about who he was, giving another identity (or other identities), when the Police first interviewed him.
     When he telephoned me on 12 May, just as C. had begun to supply me with information from his earlier Facebook account, I told him that C. had accused him of being a sociopath,[6] and the best response he could offer to this proposal was that it could not be correct as he wrote poetry: in fact, writing poetry/speaking poetically is something found in the narcissist and sociopath.[6]
     I would also mention a number of characteristics that I found unusual about Kangas. Firstly, one feature I noticed was how he never - ever - acknowledged the money that I sent him each month. The only time the money was mentioned by him was when he contacted me to say he had not received it (this was on the few occasions there was a delay in the transfer). But there was never an acknowledgement or any thanks even once (If someone gave me nearly $50 each month, I would certainly thank them!). Secondly, with a lot of the books I bought for him, there were no thanks or even an acknowledgement for these either. In those cases when he did acknowledge receipt of a book, on several occasions he made a negative remark, i.e., saying that he did not enjoy them as much as he expected (even though he had invariably asked for the book(s) by name). Thirdly, in addition to my almost daily emailings to him, I also sent him, one, and sometimes two letters each month as I understand that inmates appreciate 'snail mail' letters. These were sometimes costly as I often sent him bundles of information printed from the internet that he had asked about or mentioned: and yet again (along with photos I also sent him through the emailing system), with only one, or at most two exceptions, he never acknowledged these either.

[6] There are plenty of excellent internet articles dealing with sociopathy.

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