My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)
- Part 7 -

       Kangas - his pre-incarceration wealth and boredom

    Kangas often remarked on how poor he had been and this had prevented him from hiring his own attorney for his trial in 2014: therefore, it was his poverty rather than any alleged crimes that led to his imprisonment. However, his Facebook messages before the trial, and subsequent emails include him saying he was earning a very high wage, he had owned (and sold) a property, he had saved $13,000, spent $20,000 on drugs and even paid $1600 on an engagement ring. Therefore, he could have hired an attorney, and even if he had managed to spend most of this money, he could have hired one on a retainer: so again, I discovered he misled me (and I imagine, many others also). In one email to C., he actually admitted that he had enough money to retain a lawyer but had spent this on an engagement ring:
    One of the more extraordinary statements by Kangas was in a Facebook message (to T.E.), dated 1 May 2014: in this he said "I've got a lot saved up over 10 grand". The fact this was stated on 1 May 2014 means it was between the two trials and yet he was found indigent for these. Moreover, he said in various Facebook messages, and to me, that his girfriend had supported him financially at this time (because of a lack of earnings and/or savings), so he either lied to me and to her, and the court, or to the person to whom he addressed this Facebook message...

     It was tedious to read all his Facebook messages when he repeatedly complains of being 'bored': this remark is made again and again and again. He told me that his drug-taking was to alleviate his depression, but he apparently ignored the fact that he was surely depressed because of how he was wasting his life. Incredibly, many of his messages, written some five years ago, record him frequently complaining about his life, much as he does now, in prison. He wrecked both his life and his future, and this was for no other reason than his arrogant belief that he could commit crimes and escape accountability for doing this.
     In 2017, Kangas said:
"If it was just a couple years for something like retail fraud or possession of drugs, I'd just do my time and be done with it, because that's all it would be. As a 'convicted child molester'. I'll never make it under the requirements of SORA [Sex Offender Registration Act], I'll be in and out of prison for the rest of my life or worse. I cannot live the rest of my life in ostracism and persecution for something I'm not guilty of". (Email received from Keegan Kangas, 10 April 2017. My italics)
     The problem is, apart from being found guilty of the charges, there is incriminating evidence on his old Facebook account that testifies to his guilt, e.g., he criticizes one of the 13-year old girls for disclosing to a friend that she and Kangas had sex and he warns her (almost prophetically) that what she did will result in him receiving a lengthy prison sentence (Facebook message: 11 February 2013); only days earlier he comments to the other 13-year old girl about her being "good in bed" (Facebook message: 6 February 2013): furthermore, there is his remark to a friend when he refers to looking forward to "bedroom time" with yet another girl who he also admits is underage (she was not one of the girls involved in the trial) (Facebook message: 10 January 2013).

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