My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)
- Part 8 -

       Kangas's other supporters

    Within days of posting this page, I was emailed by someone who had been in communication with Kangas shortly before I first contacted him, and this person had done much the same as I had, e.g., paying money for Kangas, buying him books, paying for his 'phone calls, contacting attorneys, etc. He stopped communicating with Kangas after five months (I imagine that I lasted longer because Kangas was so skilled (or I was so gullible) in convincing me of his supposed innocence.) In view of what this email stated, and my own involvement, I naturally wonder how many other people have tried to assist Kangas but eventually realized they were wasting their time and resources.
     I received an email from someone who initially listened to what Kangas said about his case, but on an exploration of the facts and asking pertinent questions, he considered Kangas was taking him 'down a rabbit hole' and he thereby became sure of Kangas's guilt: he also stated that he will contact the parole board when Kangas is considered for parole and argue that he should be detained. I imagine there are others who think (and will do) exactly the same. In view of what his two victims said in court, and how his Facebook messaging testifies to his predatory nature, one can only hope that MDOC will be wise enough to keep Kangas incarcerated for as long as possible.
     Apart from discovering Kangas had 'groomed' someone before me, I became aware of another person who began writing to him a short time before I stopped communication with him: the writer, despite being unemployed, was sending Kangas books and also asking about sending him money, so it seems that he found a willing successor to me in a very short time. In an email received on 5 May 2017, Kangas told me that a wealthy, elderly gay man had written to him, saying he was 'attracted' to him, and Kangas said he intended replying to this man as he wanted financial support from him.
     Generally speaking, it seems as if Kangas gains support from people with his hard-luck stories, protestation of innocence and various claims that no one supports him. Kangas knows how to play the 'victim' although I suspect writers, after a while, may question what Kangas says about background, his health, his conviction, his current situation and the hard-luck stories he presents.

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