My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)
- Part 10 -

       Kangas's time wasting (of others) Part I

    I would also mention another feature of Kangas's emailings, and this is his talent for wasting people's time (and money!) I could give various examples, but the four that follow will hopefully suffice. Firstly, in my October-February emailing to MI attorneys, I found an attorney willing to assist Kangas, pro-bono, in respect of parole: he asked Kangas to telephone at a certain time, but Kangas replied that he could not do this as there are 'counts' where he is incarcerated and he might not be able to get to a telephone at the specified time. So, the attorney generously said he would leave a 'window' of over an hour of his time open for Kangas to telephone. Kangas replied that he would call him, but it would have to be a collect call. The attorney then said his system did not accept collect calls.
     Kangas then told me, much to my amazement, "You should tell[7] [attorney] to write me via legal mail as it will be cheaper. Or he could call here and set up a date and time to have a 'conference call' directly through MDOC and bypass the GTL phones completely. Seeing he's a lawyer he will have the power to do this" (Email received 7 February 2017). The attorney, no doubt now beginning to feel justifiably exasperated by Kangas, said this wasn't possible and again asked Kangas to telephone him and left a wide part of his day available for Kangas to call him. Kangas responded by saying that he could not afford to telephone him. The attorney replied on 8 February saying "I am sorry. There is only so much we can do. Here are the rates for him to call us. His cost appears to be less than $5 for 30 min" (I knew Kangas's excuse was false as I was sending him nearly $50 a month at this point so he clearly had enough funds to make the call: he appeared to be spending his money on music.) I advised Kangas of what the attorney had said, but nothing further was ever said about the matter, so it had been a complete waste of time.

[7] In all the time I knew Kangas, and for reasons I never understood, I found he often 'instructs'. rather than asking or making a polite request.

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