My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)
- Part 12 -

       Kangas's emailings

    In addition to Kangas's time-wasting, there are other disturbing features of his emailings and I include below copies of emails that he sent to C. in 2015. On this occasion he decided to claim that an ex-girlfriend had transmitted genital warts and hepc (Hepatitis C) to him. When I asked him about this when we spoke (for the last time) on 12 May (this was the first time I had seen the emails), he admitted that it was all a lie. I do not know whether this behaviour should be attributed to his immaturity, some mode of crass stupidity, risk-taking, self-centredness or something else. In contrast to what Kangas claims in these emails, please see the girlfriend's account of how he behaved.

     A further example is below. This was when another inmate supposedly sent an email (using Kangas's own email account) to say that Kangas had hung himself the previous night because his girlfriend had deserted him (you can imagine the distress caused to the recipient), but hey presto, Kangas apparently rises from the dead, as within days he's back to messaging (the same recipient) again (see above). I also asked Kangas about this on 12 May and he said that "another inmate" had 'somehow' obtained his access code/PIN (Kangas didn't say how) and accessed his mail account (Kangas didn't say why). In fact using another inmate's access code/PIN in a MI prison is a serious offence as Kangas knows only too well[8] (it is treated as theft and can affect parole) and the prison email kiosks have CCTVs on them, so this naturally raises interesting questions about Kangas's 'explanation' for the event....
[8] Kangas was found guilty of the misuse and theft of another inmate's PIN - see State of Michigan Supreme Court of Appeals, No. 326322, 14-001432-FH, 24 May 2016.

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