My mistake in believing Keegan William Kangas
(Michigan Inmate #937832)
Part 13

    (i)I suggest that (a)anyone who has believed any of his tales, stops doing so now; (b)anyone communicating with him ceases to do this; (c)MDOC (Michigan Dept. of Corrections) recognizes how Kangas uses JPay; (d)MDOC ensures that he is not released until there is certainty that he will not re-offend.
    In view of the Facebook material becoming available, which he certainly knows about now, it is astonishing that his 'penpal' profile continues to state: "I am a musician and a tattoo artist, wrongfully incarcerated". In reality, as he knows only too well, he is rightly incarcerated.
    (ii)Kangas is registered for life as a sex offender (currently Tier III: see, for example, this page describing the Tiers), and currently designated as non-compliant on the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry.
    (iii)I would point out that I write to other inmates in other States and they are all fantastic people and I consider myself privileged to know them, and I would strongly encourage people to write to inmates who have requested 'penpals': unfortunately, I also had the misfortune to encounter Keegan William Kangas.
    (iv)And finally, as a victim of repeated abuse when I was a young child in a care home, I feel very strongly about this subject matter, and I sincerely hope that what I have written here will deter anyone from giving support to Kangas. I would add that my concern arises from his refusal to acknowledge his crimes, and how he wastes the time of others because of this. It is not only in respect of his lies about the crimes, but in respect of other things he told me about, and that I have no way of knowing how much of this (if any of it) is actually true: it is because of this that I found it was impossible to continue any kind of friendship or communication with him. As most people, I am just not 'equipped' to deal with this type of behaviour. One would have hoped that he would recognise that people do not continue their contact with him because of how he behaves, but inexplicably, he does not do this.
     In my own case, the only thing I wanted from him was honesty, but, apparently, and sadly, that was far too much to hope for. C., a previous 'victim' of Kangas, i.e., someone else who was also misled by his lies and deliberate deception, told me that I can at least 'walk away' from this truly disastrous, and costly, encounter with 'my head held high'. Unlike him.

    (v)I trust that what I have written does not appear 'angry' as I do not feel that: I am just disappointed in him and his behaviour. I am also saddened that the possibility that he will move on with his life productively and constructively when released is unlikely to be realised, and I now believe that he will be in and out of prison for the remainder of his life.
     It has been an unpleasant task writing this, and the other pages, but I have done so in the hope that it will prevent other people from being hurt and/or harmed by Keegan William Kangas.
     I trust that what I have written is sufficient to show that Kangas should not be provided with any support; however, if any doubts remain, the following extracts should remove them. Thank you for reading this.

     David (England). 13 May 2017 (updated 2 September 2017)
Summary & Warning
    I do not believe it is an exaggeration to say that I was Kangas's most active, ardent and vociferous supporter since he was imprisoned: as other 'supporters', I sent him money and books and provided other forms of support, but I also spent money and a great deal of time, over many months, in managing a campaign that asserted his innocence and he had been wrongfully incarcerated.
    The fact that I came to realize I had made a terrible error in doing the above, should serve as an adequate warning to anyone who may make the mistake of also contacting this individual.

Ironically, I received an email from Kangas on 12 May 2017, the same day as this 'Meltdown' occurred: the email said the following (The 'C' mentioned is an inmate in St Louis, convicted of having sex with an underage girl, that was also a CSC3 charge):
"C and I have been talking about how the false accusations against us have disastrously effected our lives and we were thinking about trying to start a type of awareness program that goes school to school teaching young women how wrong it is to falsely accuse someone of rape and how much it would effect their lives and someone else's. we would like to find some women who have played a part in exonerating their "perpetrators" to speak and also the wrongly accused and imprisoneds family members/loved ones to speak also.
There are so many young guys in prison for statutory rape and rape that just shouldn't be here suffering the way we do for years. We also want to start a committee for young men to create awareness of the dangers of association and how one false move can lead to imprisonment when experimenting at a young age. We also want to bring both these committees in front of legislation to show them how wrong and unjust these laws are..."
[Needless to say, in view of all the incriminating evidence I suddenly found on the same day that I received the above, his remark about a program that involves going into schools with "young women", filled me with deep concern. In view of what I discovered, I now consider Kangas should not be allowed anywhere near girls or young women.]

The following examples (a few of many that could be cited) provide (a)three examples of how Kangas invariably adopts the 'victim' approach to gain sympathy. And in (b), a worrying insight into his thinking:
(a1)Sent 9 January 2015:

(a2)Received 22 September 2016:
"i guess my problem is that its hard for me to express myself right now because im just so broken down. i dont mean to get your sympathy or pity, im just being honest about my situation. its unfortunate whats happened, but im growing from it far more than where i would be in life had it not happened. maybe someday that will seperate me from the rest and will give me the advantage to succeed and lead a happy life. one can hope. but hope is cruel. it crushes you anew, every day...".

(a3)Received 1 March 2017:
" ive been painfully aware exactly how much im not supported or even talked to by "family and friends". its strange to think about looking from an outside view because i think id be trying to do everything in my power to help someone in my position. im innocent, completely and painfully obviously innocent. and not one person who actually knows me will even write me a f*cking letter let alone help in any way. i hate saying this, because i dont want to put pressure on you. but honestly david, right now your the only thing keeping me alive... ".

[(i)As I was to discover, Kangas is anything but "innocent, completely and painfully obviously innocent".
(ii)He overlooks the fact that his lack of friends and supporters is surely because of his dishonesty and self-centredness.
(iii)An ex-girlfriend of Kangas advised me that he says "your [sic] the only thing keeping me alive" to countless people...

(b)Received 23 January 2017:
"in light of what ive been through, ive been given understanding, knowledge and maybe even the power to change some things especially regarding these csc laws. answer me honestly, in light of current studies that most men and women lose their virginities around the age of 13, do you think its fair to charge and sentence a person to prison for having consentual sex with a teenager when that person him/herself is a teenager? i dont. i think it is beyond wrong.... now, i could see if it was rape or if the teenager was coerced into submission. but i can gaurentee you that 90% of those women on my facebook lost their virginity consentually around 13 years old with a guy a few years older than them. its pretty natural and normal for that to happen. no matter what the law says. would i want my 13 year old daughter to have sex at that age? no, i wouldnt condone it because i wouldnt think she'd be ready. but its clearly not my decision to make, nor the governments...even if i was guilty, who f*cking benefitted from putting me behind bars? me? my "victems"? obviously neither of us benefitted".

NB. Apart from the wholly unacceptable proposal made by Kangas in the above, it is not clear why he refers to 13-year old girls losing their virginity to 'a guy a few years older than them', or having sex with another 'teenager ' as he was 20 years old at the time of the offence with both girls. In the case of one, he was 21 years old that same year. Hardly a 'teenager', or just a 'few years older'.

   It comes as no surprise that, once again, Kangas is talking nonsense. Apart from not suppying any sources for these 'current studies' that he is supposed to be citing (that, according to him, assert 'most' people lose their virginity at about age 13), recent studies actually say something very different from his claim:
"According to a World Health Organisation paper published in the prestigious health journal The Lancet, the U.S. is near the middle of developed countries in terms of the median age at which males lose their virginity, 17.3 years of age, and near the lower end for females at 17.5 years." 'The American virgin' (analysis of raw data from NSFG 20112013).
"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average age Americans lose their virginities (defined here as vaginal sexual intercourse) is 17.1 for both men and women." 'The average American loses his or her virginity at age 17', March 29, 2014.
"The average age of virginity loss for American men is 16.9 years old, and the average age for American women is 17.2 years old." 'Find out when most teens are losing their virginity', September 30, 2015.
Note: All the emails by Kangas were sent through this preserves copies of all messages on its servers even after the inmate and/or recipient deletes them.

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