My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)
- How Keegan Kangas Misleads -

On 12/13 May 2017, I realized that Kangas had not only lied to me about his offences, but other matters too. One example is how he, as he did so often, presented 'the no-one-cares-about-me story' to me. He did this in late 2016, and on this occasion it related to his claim that he had never had a securepak bought for him: I said I would buy him one and he sent me a list of items that he wanted. The following shows his statement was false and also deals with how he ensnares people: it was written by C., the person who revealed to me the fact of all the messaging between Kangas and the two 13-year old girls (confirming sexual activity.) This example demonstrates how he manipulates people.
"Keegan's 'single mom thing' occurred after he met me. There were many of them on his Facebook.[1] We always think who's gonna want a single mom? Who's gonna wanna step up to that plate? He preyed on it. Talking about the kids and taking care of them and wanting kids, etc., etc...He'd tell you not to worry about him, he doesn't care about money etc., or he's never had gifts, or women to buy him anything, he's not that type. He claims to be this absolutely sweet and charming man who treats women perfectly. It's like reverse shit.
He knows you will want to make him feel good and you'll feel bad that nobody buys him gifts or does anything for him: he is a master at telling his poor luck stories that make you wanna give him the world and help him out. That's when he's got you right where he wants you. Then you're "so important". You're all he's got, so then you feel obligated...
PS. I have been advised by David that in October 2016, Keegan told him that no one had ever bought him a securepak.[2] That's a lie as he requested one in 2015,[3] and I bought him one then and have the receipt to prove it.[3]"

[1]Kangas's Facebook account, that I revived (at his request and with his permission) was deleted on 13 May 2017.
[2]Kangas's message to me, received 26 October 2016, said (my italics):
"there is something called a "securepak" where you can order prisoners food and hygiene items. this is allowed once every 3 months with a maximum of 85$. this can be done through i think they even have special items for the holidays but im not sure as ive never recieved one".
[3]The images below are of Kangas's email of 12 March 2015 to C., in which he provided the 'list' of securepak items he wanted C. to buy for him, and her receipt for the order: this shows that he lied to me when he wrote in the message received 26 October 2016 that he had never received such an item (see [2] above)

(Note how Kangas refers to his ex-girlfriend,
who gave him money, and supported him before
and during his trial, as a 'buttslut' because she
had not written to him).