My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)
- Kangas's Facebook 'Meltdown' -

    On the evening of Saturday 13 May 2017, still dealing with the shock of realising how Kangas had lied, and about his criminality, I decided to 'update' his Facebook page with what I had just discovered.
    In previous months, I had spent many, many hours, posting up Kangas's messages from prison, dealing with enquiries, trying to encourage people to write to him, and adding photos which had been recently taken of him in prison. I removed all of this, including a lengthy article I had only just written, asserting his innocence. I removed each stat, one by one, and then added one that described what I had discovered about Kangas during the previous 24 hours.
    Within a matter of minutes, there were numerous visitors expressing shock and surprise, but a few also saying they had always suspected Kangas was guilty.
    In view of the 'amendments' made to the page, it appeared that one of his (very few) supporters, clearly somewhat myopic, must have reported this to Facebook and the whole account was deleted within seconds(!) I stand by the action I took and believe it was the correct thing to do - both logistically and morally. For months, because Kangas had misled me, I had been regurgitating his lies on his Facebook page, so I believed it was time for the truth, even it was expressed in a blunt fashion. The removal of the page was obviously a good thing, and certainly so, as I later discovered that he should not have even had the page as convicted sex offenders are prohibited from using Facebook.

    C., the person who revealed the truth about Kangas to me, posted a message on her account, addressed to the dolt who reported the 'amended' page: obviously, by reporting it, the person was defending Kangas, despite all the evidence, and because of this, their action was of course reprehensible. C.'s message is below, and I thought (and still think) it was very apt (writer's identification removed).
(Explanation for 'Chomo')