My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(Michigan inmate #937832)
- Kangas and girls/young women -

*** Warning: Adult Content ***

    It was not until 23 January 2017 when I first encountered an example of Kangas's attitude towards girls and young women that most people would find worrying. He sent me the following that obviously shocked me, and I simply didn't comment on it. Perhaps I should have done, but here it is:
"in light of what ive been through, ive been given understanding, knowledge and maybe even the power to change some things especially regarding these csc laws. answer me honestly, in light of current studies that most men and women lose their virginities around the age of 13, do you think its fair to charge and sentence a person to prison for having consentual sex with a teenager when that person him/herself is a teenager? i dont. i think it is beyond wrong.... now, i could see if it was rape or if the teenager was coerced into submission. but i can gaurentee you that 90% of those women on my facebook lost their virginity consentually around 13 years old with a guy a few years older than them. its pretty natural and normal for that to happen. no matter what the law says. would i want my 13 year old daughter to have sex at that age? no, i wouldnt condone it because i wouldnt think she'd be ready. but its clearly not my decision to make, nor the governments...even if i was guilty, who fucking benefitted from putting me behind bars? me? my "victems"? obviously neither of us benefitted".
    Demonstrating his attitude has not changed over the years, we can begin with 2012, when Kangas was 20 years old and he asks J., a friend, in a Facebook message 'Gettin any bitches?' (Date: 19 October 2012). Then, in 2013 (the year when Kangas became 21 years old) and he uses Facebook messaging to tell B., a friend, who was convicted for sexual offences (CSC-Assault w/Intent to Commit Crim. Sexual Cond-2nd Degree) in 2013, to go after 'some bitches' (Date: 7 February 2013). Kangas then said he wanted something/someone that hadn't been 'hit' for a while, and 'tight n young' to which the other person says '[t?]ight and bald': Kangas replied that the 'bitch betta shave' (and it appears that he wasn't referring to facial hair) (Date: 8 February 2013).

    Two years later, the following were sent by Kangas in 2015, to a young woman who wrote to him (as some people may find the reading of the images to be difficult, I have included the text (exactly as written by Kangas) on the righthand side):

I would lie cheat and steal to get high which was my number 1 priority and the same to get laid which was my number 2. everything else didnt matter. seriously it got so bad id even stole my moms laptop and sold it to get high and once told a girl if she lost her virginity to me it would make her popular which needless to say i got really high off the laptop and after taking her virginity i never talked to her and denied having sex with her which had resulted in her being like even less because everyone thought she was a liar and a preppy bitch. I probably smoke up 20 thousand in drugs and fucked over 70+ girls in between my 18th birthday and when I started dating [deleted] march 5th 2013 after [deleted] when i dated girls it was only if i was getting something out of it. Drugs sex money and a roof over my head and even then i was still an ass all the time and cheated on them at least once a week. I did some ho ass shit constantly and THEY LOVED ME FOR IT! I never denied or tryied to hide cheating though. I used it to my advantage. Like when i was dating this girl [deleted] when i moved their with [deleted] i was fucking her bestfriend named [deleted] and when [deleted] found out id told her i wouldnt be fucking her bestfriend if she had been trying to please me more and that she was just to predictable and i wasnt happy [deleted] anyways she came home from work one night and had [deleted] with her and they got me really high and had a 3 sum with me which was awesome. But a few weeks later [deleted] was pregnant and at first i blew it off until i found out it was twins and she wanted to keep them. then i knew i was the dad because the twin gene is in my generation in our family and i dont think her steriod jockey boyfriend could have managed getting her preg cuz she was always with me. anyways i packed up and booked it to sault ste marie didnt even leave a fuckin note

i had this great idea that if you took naked pictures and drew clothes on yourself with dry erase markers you could send them in the mail to someone in jail or prison mixed with other pictures and the gaurds would never notice. i heard about girls lipsticking thier labia and "stamping" their letters with it like a signature.

id make you breakfast inbed every morning and have your kids in bed by 8 every night so i could seduce you until 11 or 12 so you could at least get a few hours sleep before i woke you up with breakfast and more seducing :p with lots of strawberrys and whipped cream of course. youd get sick of me fast. maybe :} lmao. i probably shouldnt talk to you like this. so i wont go further into detail. although it would be good...i might if you dont object but now all i can think of is seducing you...

    And on reaching the current year, Kangas was still showing his true colours when he sent emails to a woman who had only been writing to him for a short time: despite her being engaged to be married, he told her that he loved her 'with all his heart', wanted to have sex with her and mentions them producing a child who would be beautiful in view of him being 'handsome'. He asks if she wants to hear his fantasies, and worryingly, he appears to be absolutely serious. It is sad that, at age 25 this year, he cannot think of anything more useful to do with his time than indulge in sending emails with these puerile schoolboy fantasies (and waste money on them too).

    In early May 2017, Kangas referred to an ex-girlfriend, who he had mentioned many times before, and said that he would like to hear from her. I therefore messaged her, virtually pleading on behalf of Kangas, and this went on for several hours. This was necessary, because, by his own admission, he had treated her very badly (and, incredibly, he deeply resented the understandable fact that she did not want to marry him after he was convicted of sexual offences against children and sentenced to 5-15 years.) I personally wanted her to contact Kangas as I hoped that she would bring some stability in his life. I repeated what Kangas had asked me to say to her, i.e., he had totally changed after being in prison and did not resemble the person he was before mid-2014. She wrote the following:

"I gave him millions of chances even tho I was hurting because of what he did. The lies on top of lies that killed me every day. All I wanted was him to be with me and happy. I tried to give him the world and more. I loved him so much I was blind what he was doing to me. I did self harm I had a low self esteem: I wish I never woke up the next day. I tore my self apart thinking something was wrong with me and now I can't even get close to anyone because of the damage he put me though...
I thought forgiving and forgetting would make our relationship fine but I was so wrong: I was even more blind. I just got back on my feet from his depression that he put me though".
    However, despite experiencing all of this (that would have made most people ignore my plea), because of her kind nature, she contacted Kangas, something about which I was delighted. And then, to my absolute bewilderment - and disgust - when I subsequently spoke to him, he told me that he had advised her about his newly-found infatuation with someone else who was writing to him. I could not believe it. He seems to have no idea about how to behave towards other people and appears to have an almost-neanderthal approach towards women (and as he is a bespectacled and diminutive 5' 5", and only about 140 lbs, Kangas trying to behave like a neanderthal is somewhat ridiculous.)
    Nonetheless, this was one of several events in the March-May period when I began to form the opinion that any time spent trying to help Kangas was time wasted. Furthermore, this episode clearly demonstrated that, despite his assurances, he had not changed at all. He was the same as he had been before his incarceration nearly five years earlier.

NB. Incredibly, in his email I received on 12 December 2016, he said the girlfriend referred to in the above "could have kept me from prison had she put any effort into fighting for me" (quote). In reality, he would have stayed out of prison if he had refrained from committing the offences for which he was convicted. But as I so often encountered, Kangas blames others for his own shortcomings and catastrophic mistakes...

    As stated in section 13 of the main article. all the emails by Kangas were sent through this preserves copies of all messages on its servers even after the inmate and/or recipient deletes them.