My mistake in believing Keegan William Kangas
(Michigan Inmate #937832)
Kangas's smokescreen

     In August 2017, I had sight of an email sent by Kangas on 7/8 August 2017, to Ms R., in which he says:
"David is a 63 year old pervert from england...well he eventually turned on me after he "came out" about his real intentions which were that he is interested in me sexually and was only helping me to make me obligated to pay him back in sexual favors. well he tripped and changed the website to make it look like I am guilty of my crime and convinced a shitload of people that I'm a child molester who preys on young girls ect. through supposive Facebook messages and a bunch of other crap like that I'd manipulated him with my sob story ect...he's seriously batshit crazy.. it seemed weird that he was so old and never had kids or had gotten married...
[I] wonder how many other prisoners he's doing this to. I'm sure he uses what he's done to me as leverage against the others like "I can ruin your life if you don't agree to have sex with me. look what I did to Keegan"."
    (a)The cause of this outburst is because he was dumbfounded when I was given access to his incriminating Facebook messages on 12/13 May 2017 and his only 'explanation' for them was that they were 'fake'. On realising this was not going to work, he had to offer an explanation for why I had suddenly stopped communicating with and supporting him: Kangas's solution? To say it was because he had declined my request for access to his body! Yes, incredibly, he's absolutely serious...
    Apart from the fact he's got my age wrong, I am not gay, and have certainly never made any 'sexual advances' to Kangas at any time. The very thought of it makes me feel nauseated. For this reason, he certainly cannot produce anything that shows that I,
                "turned on him after I 'came out' about my real intentions which
                were that I am interested in him sexually and [I] was only helping
                him to make him obligated to pay him back in sexual favors".
    And I challenge him to provide any letters or emails or GTL phone calls in which the above occurs. In view of the heinous nature of the accusation, he obviously should be able to provide evidence of me 'coming out' and saying I was interested in him sexually and was only helping him for 'sexual favors'.
    This is yet another, somewhat desperate, attempt by Kangas to 'muddy the water' to try and divert attention away from himself and his criminality: sadly, he is incapable of offering a coherent and logical response to the facts and comments included on this website - that only arise from the evidence in his emails to me and others, his court transcripts, and his Facebook messaging (As discussed elsewhere, he attempted to close down this website and prevent facts about him being revealed.) Nonetheless, it does have a comical element to it because it is so outlandish and reveals how he is content to lie without giving any thought about the consequences.
     Lying appears to be his knee-jerk reaction whenever he encounters any difficulty, and it seems that he has done this for years. For examples, please see Part 12, the third paragraph of Part 5, Kangas's denial of the 911 event, and the judge's remarks at the sentencing. Furthermore, his ex-fiancee told me: "I gave him millions of chances even tho I was hurting because of what he did. The lies on top of lies that killed me every day" (Email to me. 9 May 2017). Four years earlier, one of the two 13-year old girls also remarked on his lying, saying "Maybe if he didn't lie so god damn much" (Facebook, K: 27 February 2013).
    In an email to me, received on 10 April 2017, he said "the cancer happened way before jail or prison...I've had it since I was a kid": but when I mentioned this claim to one of his siblings, I was told it was wholly false. Additionally, his Facebook messaging include a series of claims by him, e.g., he went to high school and graduated (18 Dec 2012: 6 June 2014) - in fact he did not get his GED until 2015 while in prison; he was adopted (6 Feb 2013) - again, nonsense. In respect of his financial status, he said that he earned $2000 a week and intended buying a $30,000 property (23 Sep 2012); a prestigious college for musicians had accepted his application to enrol and he had also been awarded a $20,000 scholarship to attend this (9 Feb 2013); he was a part-owner of a car business (4 Dec 2012), and was going to take out a loan and buy it in its entirety (9 Jan 2013); and he owned his own 3-bedroomed, 2 bathroomed, 2-storied house (7 Feb 2013). And yet, in stark contrast to these claims made by him concerning his wealth, he was classed as indigent at his trial...

    (b)As I advised Ms R., the sheer absurdity of his scurrilous accusation is made clear by how he, in prison, over 4000 miles away, could possibly ever 'repay' me with sex? I certainly cannot visit the US because of health and domestic commitments, and he cannot (fortunately) ever come to the UK because of his serious sex offences, so how on earth was he going to 'pay me' with sex? Also, why would I (or indeed anyone) be willing to wait for him to be released, at some unknown time in the future, and then pay, say $1,000+ for air flights and accommodation in order to make a return trip of 8000+ miles (more than the entire diameter of the whole earth!) just to have sex with this repulsive individual? He has been convicted as a predatory paedophile and is therefore, in anyone's eyes, absolutely repugnant.
    I assume that his absurd claim relates to me waiting for him to be released at some unknown future date, and not before this; otherwise he is suggesting that I will pay $1000 to fly 4000+ miles to Michigan, somehow get into the prison, have sex with him (presumably while no one else is looking?), and then somehow get out of the prison, and then fly 4000+ miles back to England? And all of this is to have sex with a repulsive individual (This is a March 2017 image of Kangas - takes a minute or so to load).

    Gay sex (which doesn't appeal to me at all, and never has done), is as available in my own country as it is anywhere in the Western world, and no one needs to make an 8000+ mile return trip to the US just to have sex, and certainly not with someone like Kangas. He seems to believe there are countless people who want his body and he has said this from his first emails to me. I find this truly bizarre. Here are some examples of his narcissism:
14 Sept 2016: "I am 5'5 and 125 lbs on a good day, and boyishly cute on everyday."
10 April 2017: "I came in here a young naive 110 lb cute boy."
7 May 2017 (Email to A): "I'm handsome and talented."
8 August 2017 (Email to M.R.) "I'm pretty damn good looking if I say so myself."
    (c)I would mention here that I find it sad that he Kangas now offers wild, baseless accusations to try and divert attention away from his serious crimes of child molestation. He obviously did not see the irony that he wrote this nonsense on a JPay tablet that was bought from the money I sent him, at sacrifice by myself I might add.
    This is not the first time he has lied to create a distraction: I have found that dealing with Kangas opens up a somewhat surreal world. He also doesn't appear bothered about how he told me, in an email I received from him on 5 May 2017, that he had been approached by an elderly, wealthy MI businessman who told him that he was 'attracted to him', and he was going to ask this businessman for money.

    (d)In the statement, quoted at the beginning of this page, he also makes the preposterous claims that:
(i)I am blackmailing other inmates. Well, I certainly write to other inmates, but I do not blackmail them and once again his thinking is, presumably, that I will wait until they are released and then pay $1000+ to travel 8000+ miles in a return trip to the US just to have sex with them, which is obviously absurd. I would say here that the inmates with whom I exchange emails/letters are so different from Kangas and his constant whining, complaining and self-centredness; they are positive and are doing their best to make something of their lives while in prison, e.g., learning languages, engaging in intellectual debate, expanding their knowledge. developing skills, enrolling in courses for trades, etc. As far as blackmailing them for sex sometime in the future, I will be surely dead by the time several of them are released, so unless he's suggesting they will have sex with an urn of cremated ashes (which is what I will 'be' when they are released), which has also travelled over 4000 miles, his idea is demonstrably absurd and further reveals his idiocy...
    NB. I have now been writing to some of these inmates for longer than I wrote to Kangas: the obvious difference between them and him is that they didn't subject me to a catalogue of lies and waste my time in pursuing pointless campaigns.
    (ii)because I am unmarried, and with no children, Kangas claims I must be gay. No, once again he is taking nonsense. I carry a gene for a serious hereditary condition and any child of mine would inherit this: I adopt a responsible view and decided that it is unfair on any child and society itself to produce seriously ill (which is how the medical authorities here view my condition) offspring. Kangas knows about the gene and I foolishly expected him to have the intelligence to work this out himself. Obviously, once again, I was very wrong...
     This is an example of Kangas's ignorance: in prison he has an amount of free time that most people can only dream of and yet he so ignorant of current trends. Apart from many individuals being wary of having children with people like Kangas roaming around, he seems ignorant of how 'a childfree lifestyle has become increasingly attractive', and 'substantial numbers of people are choosing not to have children'. Furthermore, 'the total number of people getting married has fallen steadily...the marriage rate is the lowest in at least 150 years', and 'fewer people are marrying than any time for a century'. Perhaps if Kangas dragged himself away from the lightweight nonsense that he reads and used this time to become acquainted with currrent affairs, he would not be so very uninformed. Moreover, the idiom of 'people in glass houses' surely applies here: Kangas hasn't been able to maintain any lasting relationship so far, or (thankfully) produce any children...
    And for the record, the following image is a copy of the final part of Kangas's last email to me: he is a master at writing in a melodramatic way that will generate sympathy (for other examples, please see (a1) and (a2) in Part 13), and he throws the word 'love' around in much the same way that many people use the words 'the' or 'and'. I'm sure that I am not the only person who finds it disturbing that he can write this after a constant stream of lies since his first emails to me.
NB. With regard to him saying he never wanted money, Kangas therefore has to explain why not only I, but three other people that I know of, all ended up sending him money/paying for his telephone calls/paying towards or buying him securepaks, and/or purchasing books, etc., etc. Additionally, in his email to Ms R., he says nothing about his lies and he dismisses the Facebook evidence with just a few sweeping, vague words. It is now impossible to even take him seriously: and it is surely remarkable that his last email makes no reference to his claim that I wanted sex from him. Indeed, his last words indicate the very opposite...

    (e)With regard to Kangas's comment I quote below, it is difficult to even know how to deal with such appalling ignorance. He accuses males who take the time and trouble to write to him, but do not contribute any money to him, of being gay, despite having no evidence whatsoever for this blanket accusation, e.g. in his email I received on 30 March 2017, he says:
"its obvious that they are the ones best suited to help but just don't care enough to. especially the retired college professors D* and N* they are probably driving range rovers and living in 25,000 sq ft houses. never married no kids both gay".
    So, a male, who writes to him and doesn't do what he requires, is likely to be labelled as 'gay': in the case of females, well, for him it always seems to be the open season. In April 2017, Kangas sent emails to a penpal telling her that he wanted sex with her and they would produce 'a beautiful child' (and he said this despite the person being engaged to be married). In the Summer of 2017, Kangas told an 18-year old female about his erections and his masturbating, and in the same period, he asked Ms R., in her 20s, to pose in a bikini and take a photo of herself and send it to him, even though she hardly knew him. And these are just the cases about which I know...
    In the case of a male writing to Kangas and not doing what he wants, he may be accused of various untrue things that are obviously intended to be derogatory or damaging: or if female, Kangas's track record indicates that she will be confronted with the same type of objectionable, predatory and offensive behaviour that helped to cause his imprisonment in the first place.
    I believe the above testifies to how his behaviour is as predatory as it was before he was incarcerated: therefore MDOC should not consider parole for him until there is certainly that he will not reoffend: I personally suspect this could be a very long time.

    (f)In conclusion, I would mention that on 22 June 2017, I wrote to Kangas and provided a detailed statement in which I explained why I could no longer support him because of all his lies and encouraging me to spend so many hours on work that was a complete waste of time (as he knew only too well). I also challenged him about how he behaves towards women, and advised him that after seeing the content of his old Facebook account on 12/13 May, I had no option other than to conclude that he was guilty of the charges that convicted him in June 2014. However, I did not 'shut the door' on communication between ourselves. Furthermore, on 10 July, I told a member of staff at a prisoners' welfare group, whom Kangas had contacted, that I would be willing to discuss anything that he wished to talk about. The fact that Kangas chose to ignore these opportunities demonstrates that he knew, only too well, that the number of lies he had told, the scale of these, and their seriousness, made it impossible for him to say anything purposeful to me.
     All I received was his ludicrous letter trying to shut this website down. To me, this was yet further testimony to the very same arrogance that led him to be convicted, and it is surely sad that all he can now do is write false and defamatory statements about someone who tried to help him, although I have to admit that I am not surprised at this...
     It is surely richly ironic that Kangas chooses to make wild accusations about other people's sexual behaviour while he is in prison for his own serious, and repeat sex offences. Someone who knows Kangas well told me that she thinks of him whenever she hears the first two parts of verse 2, and the 'bridge' of the song 'Sober' by Tool.
    Finally, in respect of his remark in the quotation at the beginning of this article, that I am 'seriously batshit crazy', no, I was 'seriously batshit crazy' when I believed his lies and deception, but I am now perfectly rational and able to see Kangas for what he actually is, and I hope that by creating this website, others will see this too.

     I trust what is stated above shows the absurdity of Kangas's baseless allegation.
    As stated in the main article on this site, in Summer 2016, he convinced me of his innocence, and I constantly tried to think of ways to help him as I was troubled by what he said he was going through on a daily basis. I was so impressed - and fully taken in - by what appeared to be his honesty, integrity and sincerity.
    However, on 12/13 May, I was confronted with the reality of Kangas's lies when I was given access to his old Facebook account: I could not believe that he had lied so much. I also realised that as he pleaded he was innocent of the charges for which he had been convicted, he was, grotesquely, using this as a means of deriving support from well-meaning people (I discovered that other people had done the same as I had, e,g,, sent him money, and paid for books and various items that he said he wanted).
    In his email to Ms R., he complained that my withdrawal of support caused him problems: however, it is absurd (although no surprise) that he complains about this. If he had not subjected me to so many lies, this would not have happened, and his behaviour since May 2017 is testimony to his appalling arrogance. Consequently, I was left with no choice. This latest accusation is further evidence of how he lies as a means of defending his atrocious behaviour, and that he should not be trusted. The reality is that if he had not abused those two young girls, he would not be where he is now, with the people of Michigan having to pay for this.
David. 15 August 2017.
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