In addition to Kangas's lies regarding the molestation of children, others can be cited:

       Below is a copy of an email he sent to C. in 2015 after he was incarcerated (I have redacted names and his expletives). On this occasion he claimed that an ex-girlfriend had transmitted genital warts and hepc (Hepatitis C) to him: this was one of his 'hard luck stories' that he invariably related to penpals, which was completely untrue. When I asked him about this when we spoke, for the last time, on May 12, 2017 (this was the first time I had seen the emails), he admitted that it was a lie (consequently, we are surely justified in suspecting other statements that he makes).

     The girlfriend had, understandably, decided not to have anything more to do with him after his conviction (I believe she may have had sight of the incriminating evidence that I saw), but he chose to slander/libel her with vile, scurrilous and false accusations when she did not do as he wanted (there have been other instances of him doing this when people fail to do as he requires or they upset him).

       Another example of Kangas's behaviour is below. This was when another inmate supposedly sent an email (using Kangas's own email account) to say that Kangas had hung himself the previous night because his girlfriend had deserted him (you can imagine the distress caused to the recipient), but hey presto, Kangas apparently rises from the dead, as within days he's back to messaging (the same recipient) again (see the messages above). I also asked Kangas about this on May 12, and he said that "another inmate" had 'somehow' obtained his access code/PIN (Kangas didn't say how) and accessed his mail account (Kangas didn't say why) and sent the message saying he had died (Kangas couldn't explain for what reason the 'other inmate' did this). In fact using another inmate's access code/PIN in a MI correctional facility is a serious offence as Kangas knows only too well, as he was successfully convicted for doing just this,[i] i.e., it is treated as theft and the prison email kiosks have CCTVs on them, so this naturally raises questions about Kangas's 'explanation' for the event (I also found no evidence of any prosecution for the supposed theft of Kangas's 'financial transaction device', i.e., PIN). This is certainly not the only occasion when Kangas has written something, then realized he's made an error in doing this and attempted to extricate himself by offering a truly ridiculous story that 'someone else wrote it'.
     The examples above not only demonstrate the nature of Kangas's lies but also how ill-conceived they are...
[i] Kangas was found guilty of the misuse and theft of another inmate's PIN - see State of Michigan Supreme Court of Appeals, No. 326322. 24 May 2016

       Yet another instance of when I discovered another of Kangas's lies was when I realized his statement in his email of October 26, 2016, when he claimed that no one had ever bought him a 'care package', was false.
    In view of all that he told me and as I felt sorry for him, I said that I would buy a care package and he sent me a list of items that he wanted, totalling nearly $85. This is one example that demonstrates how he deceived people to obtain various items during his incarceration. The following, written by C., shows his claim to me was a lie (and this would be followed by others with the passing of time): in a message, received 16 May 2017, she said:

"He knows you will want to make him feel good and you'll feel bad that nobody buys him gifts or does anything for him: he is a master at telling his poor luck stories that make you wanna give him the world and help him out. That's when he's got you right where he wants you. Then you're "so important". You're all he's got, so then you feel obligated...
I have been advised by David that in October 2016, Keegan told him that no one had ever bought him a care package.[i] That's a lie as he requested one in 2015,[ii] and I bought him one then and have the receipt to prove it.[iii]"

[i]Kangas's message to me, received October 26, 2016, said (my italics):

"there is something called a "care package" where you can order prisoners food and hygiene items. this is allowed once every 3 months with a maximum of 85$. this can be done through i think they even have special items for the holidays but im not sure as ive never recieved one".
[ii]The first image below is of a copy of Kangas's email of March 12, 2015 to C., in which he provided the 'list' of care package items he wanted C. to buy for him.
[iii]The second image below is of a copy of her receipt for this order: this shows he lied to me when he said that he had never received such an item.

    When I first spoke with C., I attempted to defend Kangas, but on seeing his Facebook account and the messages within it, I realised that I could not possibly support him for any longer. I had several very lengthy communications with C. on May 12-13, 2017: she had known Kangas from childhood and also supported him while he was in prison (until she found incriminating evidence on his Facebook account), and on May 13, 2017, she recounted to me how her understanding of Kangas had changed:

"Keegan's 'single mom thing' occurred after he met me. There were many of them on his Facebook. We always think who's gonna want a single mom? Who's gonna wanna step up to that plate? He preyed on it. Talking about the kids and taking care of them and wanting kids, etc., etc...He'd tell you not to worry about him, he doesn't care about money etc., or he's never had gifts, or women to buy him anything, he's not that type. He claims to be this absolutely sweet and charming man who treats women perfectly. It's like reverse shit.
He's always had a way to blame everybody else for what he's done himself. He's been good for that...
Meanwhile [he] keeps you sucked in with pity. There's always something wrong. Always something happening. Or appts and bad news, etc. It worked and I recognize it now.
He suckered me in and I allowed him to do so. My energy, time and money could have been better spent on my children but he fed me his sap lines that he was innocent. It's almost sickening how much he has people convinced of his innocence.
He is a smooth talker...and knows how to act and what to say. Meanwhile, he's been guilty all along and doesn't feel an oz of remorse and blames these girls only.
He played me for a fool multiple times. Had me buying him things and taking care of him...Usin his sad stories to sucker me in every time. He preys on people with big hearts.
I was so saddened when I saw the way you were so adamant in sticking up for him and I knew he had you sucked in. Typically I wouldn't care and I would let that type of thing go. But I could tell you had literally sunk your time and money into a person who has lied to you and just used you the entire time."

NB. In the above I have used the term 'care package' rather than the commercial tradename of the item.