Keegan Kangas

My Mistake In Believing
Keegan William Kangas

(aka 'Kvothe Kangas')
Date of birth: October 13, 1992.
Tier III sex offender (Michigan): lifetime registration 2071162: released from prison - December 2018


   'Prosecution: "We are here in this courtroom this morning because of Keegan Kangas. An adult man, a sexual predator who targeted two 13 year oId girls. We are here this morning because Keegan Kangas, an adult man disregarded adult responsibilities for his own selfish purposes. We are here this morning because Keegan Kangas, an adult man, thought absolutely nothing about [the girls] H. and K. Nothing about their health. Nothing about their lives. Nothing about their futures. He thought about himself. How do we know this? Because of the evidence".'
From transcript of the trial of Keegan W. Kangas, Sault St. Marie, April 24, 2014. Vol 2/2 (pp.3f)
   'Judge James P. Lambros: "The conduct that you displayed is very disturbing. Not only was it troubling that you were targeting these [13-year old] girls for sexual activity. These are children themselves Mr. Kangas...And you took advantage of that situation and exploited them for sexual purposes. And when the police came to you, you tried to get out of it by giving them false identities...
   It's very troubling Mr. Kangas - the behavior you displayed and the targeting of these young children. And not only target them but to have sexual intercourse with them and then encourage them to get pregnant.
   The behavior you displayed is vile. These were children".'
From transcript of sentencing of Keegan W. Kangas, Sault St. Marie, July 29, 2014 (pp.7,8,9)

"I am very sorry to learn Keegan Kangas betrayed you and took advantage of your trust."
(Email from an MI attorney to myself: May 16, 2017) (Click for full letter)

I felt obliged to amend this website after managing a campaign that asserted Keegan Kangas was innocent of the crimes for which he was convicted (as he claimed), and then discovering that he had lied to me (and others) about this, i.e., evidence showed that he had sexually abused two young girls, and he had also lied about other matters. I have therefore sought to correct what was originally said here.

Messages I received from two other people who wrote to Kangas while he was in prison and had experiences similar to mine:

"He suckered me in...My energy, time and money could have been better spent on my children but he fed me his sap lines that he was innocent. It's almost sickening how much he has people convinced of his innocence.
He is a smooth talker...and knows how to act and what to say. Meanwhile, he's been guilty all along and doesn't feel an oz of remorse..."
(Text from C.T., May 13, 2017)

"If it's any consolation, he fooled me, too. I also bought the trial transcripts and sent him books and contacted several lawyers on his behalf. Paid his phone bill...I bailed on him about a year ago, after 5 months: wading through those transcripts, I had a few questions, which he evaded...I sensed we were going down the rabbit hole and that I'd been played.
I think it important that he is in jail for as long as possible, and that he be a registered sex offender after his release."
(Email from S.A., May 21, 2017)

"Sex offenders are among the most feared and despised by the public. Their crimes can destroy people’s lives and break families apart...
There is no such thing as a cure...These offenders must monitor their behavior for the rest of their lives, not unlike drug addicts and alcoholics. There is always the potential for relapse."
Source: Michigan Dept. of Corrections

"Adult men...[are] trusted to be responsible...They don't go around and wait till somebody's 13 year old daughter is home alone and sneak into the house when mom's gone...You don't expect someone that's old enough to be responsible, is going to take advantage of...a 13 year old girl and somehow get her to have sex...
The only evidence in this case is that there was sexual penetration with K. and a separate count sexual penetration of H. [and] that the person that did it is the defendant...They were 13 years old, they were children: he's an adult man: he's responsible for his conduct..."
Statement of prosecutor at trial of Keegan W. Kangas, Sault Ste. Marie (transcript, April 24, 2014. Vol 2/2, pp.8,11,12.)

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